It’s My Body, My Baby, My Birth is an educational childbirth film that tells the story of 7 mothers and their emotional journeys to natural childbirth. The story is enhanced with footage of partners and the roles of Licensed Midwife Maria Iorillo, Certified Nurse Midwife Yeshi Neumann, childbirth educator Jane Austin and Laura Norrell, Obstetrician.

    Through story telling and photos, we hear the mothers’ stories. Elain had a cesarean section for her first birth; Earth wants to be at home for community and comfort. Ann switches to a birthing center in the last month of her pregnancy. Maya has a water birth. Partners express their fears and concerns, ultimately transforming as well. These are just a few of the stories that you will hear in this powerful and compelling film.

Natural Childbirth -- empowering, amazing, beautiful. Come see for yourself!